Pan-Attica Sport event for people with disabilities


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From 2014 the Panattica Sport Event runs under the patronage of the Europoean Parliament. See more here

Α few words about the event ...

People with Disabilities (PWD) are currently treated by a part of society, with prejudice and negativity, experiencing daily in multiple ways the requisite professional, economic and social exclusion.

Furthermore, the prevailing perception for disabled people has been formed under a non accurate information system. As a result,  disabled people are facing too many problems: social exclusion, limited sociability, poor education and awareness of the potential of these people, inaccessibility due to lack of work, proper infrastructure (for people with physical disabilities -Lack ramp and elevator ) etc.

However, and despite the lack of education and social awareness, people with disabilities with the support of NGOs - associations and unions, in practice, they prove that they are equal members of society. Assuming the specific education and training of these NGOs, people with disabilities assert equal opportunities and access to all public Benefits: education, employment, new technologies, health and social services, sports and entertainment. There are a lot of examples with organizations working towards this direction.

To establish good practice and provide stimuli, the Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups 'EDRA' in cooperation with the Pan-Hellenic Union of Adapted Activities (which lasted until 2012) and the Sports Organization of the Municipality of Peristeri, planed for many  years the Pan- Attica Sport Event for children - students and adults mental disorders and mental retardation.

The Pan- Attica Sport Event which is dedicated to the International Day for people with disabilities (December 3rd), has become a tradition in Attica, having been performed with great success over the past seven years in the Municipality of Peristeri.

Among others, goal is the enhance sociability of people with disabilities  through  sport activities  and  the awareness of both adults and especially children, of a new perspective for the disabled.

Photo Album of the event

The Games:

  • Basketball Shooting
  • Relay race
  • Pulling ropes

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