Supported Living Home

K.S.D.E.O. Edra has been running two Supported appartment since July 2012 (Subproject Code 5152/2012).


A suported apartment is the final and most important stage in the process of therapy and social transition of intellectually challenged persons as full citizens of society living, functioning and working in exactly the same way as the rest of the population.


Such an apartment serves as an alternative structure of accommodation in accordance with a broader program of psychosocial rehabilitation involving low levels of support services from the multidisciplinary therapy team including psychologist, social worker and nursing staff.


A supported apartment is intended for people who, having completed therapy units programs, wish of their own accord to take part in a specific rehabilitation program. It is also intended for people who, despite living in the community, are faced with a number of psychosocial problems among which lies that of homelessness.


Therapeutic services in the sheltered apartments include:


  • Achieving equal support and safety distribution within the open community environment
  • Engaging residents in taking over an increasing share of individual responsibilities
  • Fostering socialization and collaborative work while according utmost respect to each member’s personality
  • Acting as a family substitute
  • Building general community awareness
  • Promoting increasingly independent living within the community




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